Cliff Williams will replace Phil Rudd in the AC/DC lineup

AC/DC recently uploaded an audio sample from their Power Trip Festival rehearsals and disclosed that the band was changing lineups, as the Instagram comment stated: “Get ready for the Power Trip!” Listen to the boys powering up with Cliff Williams, who is returning from retirement for the festival, and Matt Laug on drums.” Although the post signaled Williams’ return, no public announcements were made on Phil Rudd’s absence, and the reasons for his disappointment remain unknown. However, one idea suggests that the drummer may have faced visa issues as a result of his previous charges in 2015 for narcotics possession and making murder threats.

Laug, who will stand in for Rudd, has previously worked with Alanis Morrisette on her debut album, ‘Jagged Little Pill,’ as well as Slash and Alice Cooper. It’s unclear whether Laug will be filling in for Phil throughout the band’s US tour, but based on the official post, he very well could. The Power Trip Festival, which will take place in California on October 6-8, will feature AC/DC as well as Tool, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Judas Priest.

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