Clarence Avant, producer ‘Reluctantly’ promoted Michael Jackson Nicole Avant Discloses

On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ recently, The late music entrepreneur Clarence Avant’s daughter Nicole opened up about her father’s initial reluctance to promote Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour in 1987. Kimmel displayed an image of Nicole, her family, and Michael Jackson to the crowd during the episode. She remembered it when she saw it: We were in France in 1988 with my mother, father, brother Alex, and Michael Jackson. Kimmel then inquired as to if her father had any reservations about endorsing MJ. Clarence was hesitant to travel with the King of Pop when asked to promote Jackson’s first solo tour in support of the album “Bad,” as Nicole revealed: “He wasn’t really sure about promotions, so he didn’t think, but Michael told him, ‘You’re going to be the right guy; I want you in charge. We simply intend to take a globe tour, but we will travel. My mother persuaded my father that this was wonderful. This is fantastic for both children and adults. We’re all going on vacation together!” And we succeeded in getting to be with one of the best. Then she thought back to the times she had enjoyed watching MJ perform backstage: “Yes, backstage. I used to get up early to see him practice; it was like watching a show. Clarence himself recalled the tour in a 2016 interview with Variety after seeing a promotional poster among his memorabilia:mThe first tour Michael has ever taken without his brothers. Do you know the author of that one? [tapping his own chest, chuckling] also declined him three times. The 123 gigs that made up the ‘Bad’ tour, which started in Japan in September 1987 and ended in the United States in January 1989, proved to be a huge success. The tour brought in an amazing $125 million, placing it second only to Pink Floyd’s “Momentary Lapse of Reason” tour in terms of tour revenue for the 1980s. Two years after being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, on August 13, this year, Clarence Alexander Avant passed away. The interview is available to watch below.

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