Chuck Billy’s Reaction To Alex Skolnick’s Analysis Of Def Leppard’s Live Performances

In reaction to Chuck Billy’s remarks regarding Def Leppard’s purported usage of backing tracks, Alex Skolnick recently discussed his opinions on the band’s live performances on X. An X user posted the following on the Syncin’ Stanley YouTube channel, using the words of the Testament vocalist: “Someone who pays musicians to make brief appearances to discuss how lip-syncing is the worst idea since turning up to a party wearing sweatpants and a boner… I’m sure Def Leppard pipes in their background vocals, and that’s not acceptable. Not to mention, Napoleon Schon allegedly told people about the rumors of lip-syncing when his band was being suspected of doing such with Steve Augeri. I believe Joe [Elliott] is Def Leppard’s live vocalist, but the backup vocals. However, Chuck Billy’s remark that they are the exception to the norm due to their large production value was taken off the record. Skolnick addressed the issue and wrote the following in response to the tweet: “In 2018, I watched from Phil Collen’s side and wore headphones to hear his mix.

Indeed, they possessed pre-recorded synth tracks and a click. However, the singing and playing were authentic; they were just incredibly tight and well-dressed. That was my experience, though I can’t comment for the more recent tours. Chuck Billy discussed the use of backing tracks by rock bands, particularly for vocals, in an interview with Syncin’ Stanley. He also expressed his preference to stay away from them. He stated that live performances by Def Leppard serve as an illustration of what happens to concerts that use pre-recorded tunes. “I suppose there are bands out there that may require assistance. I am aware that certain bands, like Def Leppard, rely heavily on backing tracks, but it’s also done to get a massive sound because, well, you can’t have all of their voices live unless you have a choir.

Thus, the rule has an exception. Backing track usage during live performances has long been discussed; some rock stars support it, while others criticize it, arguing that it goes against the spirit of rock music. Because of this, Def Leppard has been singled out for criticism for reportedly using them in recent years. In 2019, guitarist Phil Collen addressed these allegations in a conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock. He said: The main distinction is that we always perform live vocals, much like a live vocal band. Moreover, many other bands don’t accomplish that. They don’t really sing; they kind of fake it. However, this truly is us. It is true. The voice is authentic. Everything is completely and utterly genuine. The most recent tweet from Alex Skolnick is shown below.

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