Chuck Billy Using Backing Tracks With Bands Like Def Leppard

Testament frontman Chuck Billy was recently questioned about bands using backing tracks for vocals in an interview with the Syncin’ Stanley YouTube channel. The metal singer declared that he does not lip-sync and that using backup tracks was not his style. He continued by saying the following about the matter: “I suppose there are bands out there that may require assistance. I am aware that certain bands, like Def Leppard, rely heavily on backing tracks, but it’s also done to get a massive sound because, well, you can’t have all of their voices live unless you have a choir. Thus, the rule has an exception. He also talked about the infrequent times he lip-synced. Says he: “I don’t think I’ve ever had to lip sync except when you shoot videos for MTV or something.” Those are obviously not live. Members of Def Leppard appear to disagree with Chuck Billy, the front man of the Testament,’s assertions. These charges have been leveled at the 46-year-old British rock group on multiple occasions in the past.

During a 2019 interview, their guitarist Phil Collen refuted these claims made by “Ultimate Classic Rock.” What he said was as follows: The main distinction is that we always perform live vocals, much like a live vocal band. Moreover, many other bands don’t accomplish that. They don’t really sing; they kind of fake it. However, this truly is us. It is true. The voice is authentic. Everything is completely and utterly genuine. To deny that many contemporary rock bands incorporate technological advancements into their music would be incorrect. Additionally, pre-recorded songs are becoming more and more typical for touring musicians across all musical genres. Playback tracks are used to some extent by many rock musicians. On the other hand, many contend that the usage of sound effects and prerecorded vocals is incompatible with the spirit of rock music. Conversely, other celebrities claim it’s normal and they don’t cover it up.

Zach Myers, the guitarist for Shinedown, is one of few that supports utilizing these technical advancements. He stated the following in a 2019 interview with Rock Feed: “The fact that it bothers people bothers me.” “Why does this bother you?” I ask. It is what it is. This has been a common practice since the 1980s. Additionally, we aim for the greatest possible sound quality. Could the four of us go up there and put on the greatest rock show ever? Of course. However, that is not our preferred method. Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars said in a 2014 interview that he liked to see bands that performed entirely live and that he felt uneasy with his band’s usage of pre-recorded backup vocals in live concerts. A few months back, Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy attacked bands that primarily rely on backing tracks for their live performances in a video reaction posted to the Syncin’ Stanley YouTube channel. Says he: “I really think it’s bullshit, and my peers are acting in that way.”

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