Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters shares the untold tale of his worst injury

Chris Shiflett recently responded to Kerrang’s inquiries on his work and personal life in advance of the release of his brand-new solo album, “Lost At Sea.” When questioned about the worst accident he experienced while on tour, he recalled: “Years ago, before I was in the Foo Fighters, I was on tour with a band called 22 Jacks, and we were f*cking about lighting off pyrotechnics. This didn’t happen onstage, but it really f*cked up my tour. We had bottle rockets that you would hold, light, and then launch. It launched before I even tossed it because I misjudged the timing. I was wearing gloves when I noticed that the thumb of the glove had been entirely burnt off. I about burned my thumb off!” The guitarist continued, detailing what he did following the incident: It developed blisters, which made it difficult for me to feel my finger where I was holding the guitar pick. I just put up with it because I didn’t want to inform anyone in the band in case they said, “You f**king idiot.” My thumb was completely numb for a week. Shiflett is now preparing for a tour with the Foo Fighters.

After “Lost At Sea” was released on October 20, the upcoming dates will begin on November 26 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Due to this, the guitarist discussed the album on the most recent chat and provided the following response to the subject of why listeners should purchase it: “I’m really bad at responding to those queries. You should really push the hard sell by stating, “Because it’s the greatest fucking record of all time.” Well, I do have strong feelings about this album. He continued, detailing his thoughts: We created it in an unorthodox manner, sort of over the course of a year or two, as our schedules permitted. We therefore had the luxury of not needing to accept anything and could simply fiddle with it until we got everything exactly how we wanted it. It differs somewhat from the previous records I’ve produced. It kind of combines all the musical elements that I enjoy. It has a slight country flavor. It has a slight rock’n’roll flavor. The newest single from Chris Shiflett’s new album was published back in July. The song “Damage Control” was released following the songs “Dead And Gone” and “Black Top White Lines.”

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