Chris Shiflett Dispels The Most Common Foo Fighters Myth

Chris Shiflett, guitarist for the Foo Fighters, recently joined on an edition of On The Air with Sully and Little Tommy to discuss the band’s popular fan collaborations and whether they were rehearsed. Chris replied: “Everyone believes it was, but I swear to God it wasn’t. We never practiced any of those things.” The guitarist emphasized the chance element that distinguishes the collaborations and stated his favorite types of collaborations: “That’s usually the beauty of it; the person who jumps up there is probably eager beyond their ability, but that guy [KISS Guy] killed it.” The ones I remember are the ones that are… just like a ridiculous fail. Those are the best, and they are my favorites.” When asked about the Foo Fighters’ ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ collaboration with Rick Astley, Shiflett said: “That was rad, I mean he was awesome, that guy’s super cool… I forget where were we when we first did that.

Like at a festival in Japan or something…” One of the most popular collabs the band did was with the ‘KISS Guy’ aka Yayo Sanchez, who played ‘Monkeywrench‘ in their Austin, Texas concert. The other one was the ‘Metallica kid,’ aka Collier Cash, who was 10 years old at the time and played various songs from Metallica and Dave Grohl ended up gifting his guitar to him. The Foos will on the road again, beginning on September 9 in Colorado and ending on June 27, 2024 in Birmingham, UK. Other dates and tickets are available here. The rest of the interview is available below. You can also see Collier Cash’s performance below.

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