Chris Evans Remembers “Nerve-Wracking” Feeling of Being Scrambled By Fans Overseas

Chris Evans is accustomed to dealing with fans after portraying “Captain America” in 11 different movies, so it’s safe to assume.

But the 40-year-old “Lightyear” actor said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that one of his “crazier moments” with fans happened while he was in South Korea promoting the 2013 movie “Snowpiercer,” not when he played the star-spangled man with a purpose.

On the June 10 show, Evans referred to Oscar-winning director Bong Joon-ho and said, “The director’s Korean.” We traveled to South Korea, where we arrived and discovered a zoo as we exited the airport.

The moment, the actor said to Jimmy Kimmel, “felt like we were The Beatles,” he said, “People were yelling and they had one small rope to halt people and that rope just got bulldozed.”

We were rapidly surrounded, which was a little tense for a moment, before security arrived and hauled us away, the speaker added.

The Evolution of Chris Evans

After the event at the airport, Evans claimed that the producers made a promise to him that it “wasn’t going to happen again.”

And when the Marvel star returned home, it appears that they were true to their word.

“We eventually left Korea a few days later. When I return to the airport, I notice that a van was following us as I entered “stated Evans. 25 to 30 huge, enormous Korean men in suits jump out of the vehicle, and they surround me in a circle while holding hands and escorting me to the airport.

The men then carefully guided Evans through the airport while Evans stood up and imitated how they were holding hands around him.

The sole caveat? He humorously said, “Not one fan turned up. “Nobody! I was walking by myself. I simply thought, “Oh my god.””The actor claimed that despite his attempts to convey his well-being to the bodyguards, they nevertheless brought him “past security and into the gate.”

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