Chris Evans and the Ghosted director discuss how Captain America assumptions are subverted in the film.

Although Chris Evans has played Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for many years, he reveals to Total Film magazine(opens in new tab) in the latest issue, which also features Fast X on the cover, that his upcoming Apple TV+ film Ghosted will be something entirely different.

About the chemistry at the center of Ghosted, Chris Evans comments, “It’s a really fun reversal.” “Not to mention, I frequently play strong, capable men in the movies I’ve done. And having pleasure with a person who keeps pooping himself is entertaining.”

Ghosted, which started with a pitch from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, follows the tale of Cole and Sadie, a boy and girl who meet and discover that Sadie is a highly skilled secret operative. Farmer Cole Turner (Evans), who prefers to stay at home, meets Sadie (Ana de Armas) by chance at a market stand.

Coffee leads to conversing while out on the street, which leads to karaoke, which leads back to her house. After she “ghosts” him (suddenly stops responding to his messages and avoiding contact), he decides to surprise her in London, where he thinks she is employed as an art curator but in reality, she is engaged in a highly sensitive operation that is exceedingly risky.

Making his US action film debut after a succession of steadily more ambitious crowd-pleasers, British director Dexter Fletcher says, “He was anxious to flip the Captain America assumption on its head” (Sunshine on Leith, Eddie the Eagle, Rocketman). We had a lot of fun doing that, as you can tell.

Cole is completely unprepared for a life of international espionage, whereas Cap may be able to dispatch bad guys with a flick of his shield. Which is frustrating for his super strong, badass, potential lover.

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