Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky reveals the romantic proposal of the Audioslave singer

Vicky Cornell discussed how she and her late husband, Chris Cornell, met. Vicky shared the story on the Audioslave singer’s Instagram page, and fans were thrilled to read it. The post received over 40,000 likes and numerous sympathetic comments. She described the first time they met, when they knew they were in love, and her late husband’s proposal. Vicky shared the anecdotes along with a picture of the couple kissing, writing: “I met you on a starry Paris night at the Hotel Plaza Athenee (January 13, 2003), after we were asked to organize Audioslave’s under-the-radar after-show party for the following night. I recall being introduced to you and how your gaze cut through me. You had a gig the next day, which I missed. I met up with everyone at your after party, and when you realized I wasn’t at the show, you said, ‘Well, where were you… out having a sandwich?’ We all sat down, and I recall you ordering foie gras and me questioning whether you were certain you knew what you were buying. You’ve always had such exquisite taste.”

She continued: “When a buddy asked who was the most beautiful girl on L’Avenue, you stood up in front of everyone, looked around, came back, and pointed to me. We talked all night till the sun came up and it was time for you to depart for the next place. You contacted me the next day, and three days later we were together in London. I recall you running in, afraid I had left because you were late from Zane Lowe’s show and were meeting me for tea. At the time, I attempted to avoid falling in love with you. But you didn’t let that happen, and you traveled back and forth around the world to see me. You were perpetually jet-lagged because you couldn’t endure our time apart.”

She ultimately told how Cornell proposed to her and concluded: “I finally got to see you in New York on the 2003 Lollapalooza tour and organized your 39th birthday party. A few weeks later, I was in Mykonos, and you were still at Lollapalooza, singing to me over the phone, ‘Oh sweet Ms Vicky, won’t you come and marry me?’ I didn’t know what to believe except that I loved you and was completely committed.”

Vicky’s Thoughts About His Husband’s Death
Cornell was discovered hanging in his room at the MGM Grand Detroit hotel on May 2017, after a Soundgarden concert at the city’s Fox Theatre. His body was discovered shortly after he had spoken with his wife via phone. The death was classified as a suicide. Toxicology reports confirmed the presence of prescription medicines in his system at the time of death, but they were not found to be a contributing factor.

Vicky previously stated that she failed to recognize her husband’s addiction symptoms. Although he had been open about his ongoing problem with substance misuse, she believed he had been clean for several years. According to his widow, the rocker had no suicidal thoughts and was not depressed: Chris did not have suicidal thoughts, and he was not even depressed. Chris was in recovery and had been on benzodiazepines. However, in retrospect, nothing seemed impossible. “It came out of nowhere.” According to his widow, the frontman’s speech was’slurred’ just before he died.

“I know the cause because I was on the phone with Chris the same night and he was in a state of delirium…” After the show, he called me and I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. He sounded high and bewildered. His words were slurred. Something seemed strange… And then, I’m not sure, 30 minutes later, that was it.”

Photo Credit: Vicky Cornell – Instagram

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