Charlie Hunnam, the star of Rebel Moon, challenged Henry Cavill to a fight in a closed room to win the lead role in a Guy Ritchie film

Charlie Hunnam, a British actor known for his work in both film and television, rose to prominence as Jax Teller in the critically acclaimed TV series Sons of Anarchy. Hunnam has also shown his versatility as an actor in films such as Pacific Rim and The Lost City of Z. Although Charlie Hunnam was eventually picked as the renowned knight, he openly admitted to feeling frustrated during the casting process. Hunnam revealed that director Guy Ritchie pushed him hard to be into peak physical shape in order for him to be a perfect match for the character. “I said: ‘You know what? F***ing stop the camera.” He continued, “I’m starting to lose my temper. I know those other pricks you’ve got reading for this role [Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender]. If you bring them in right now, I’ll f***ing fight them both at once for the role, and we’ll see what’s up with the physicality.

” Naturally, Hunnam was cast as the new Arthur, a character similar to how Richie remade Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. “[It was] a childhood dream to play King Arthur. We wanted to make an ignoble Arthur, at least at first. We wanted him to feel contemporary, selfish, somewhat rough around the edges.” Richie’s fantasy universe was likewise explored by the actor for this new version of the epic tale. “[Ritchie’s] created an extremely rich and exciting world.” To my buddies, it’s Lord of the Rings meets Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. It’s an unusual combination of two things, but it works.” Charlie Hunnam’s portrayal of the iconic leader combines charisma, unrelenting drive, and his trademark gruff appeal. His approach on the iconic role provides a new and dynamic perspective, giving the character new life. Charlie Hunnam Retired From Riding Following This Role Charlie Hunnam, the charismatic actor who played Jax Teller in the wildly famous TV drama Sons of Anarchy, has made an unexpected disclosure.

Hunnam’s motorcycle escapades came to an end when Sons of Anarchy ended. During an appearance with Entertainment Tonight, he publicly admitted this. “I rode like I was a Hells Angels, I took a lot of risks and got away with a lot. As soon as we finished the show, it was like the spell was broken. All of a sudden, I started to worry about being on a bike. You need to ride with confidence, you know? You think about what could go wrong; there is a likelihood that something might go wrong. I haven’t been on a bike in maybe three years.” This fear eventually prompted him to give up the motorcycle he previously proudly rode. The bike, which was previously an iconic emblem of the program, is now inactive after being stolen. Nonetheless, Hunnam’s fondness for biker culture remains, highlighting his character’s continuing influence on both his personal life and the admiration of his followers.

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