Chad Smith on Not Trying To Steal The Show In Dua Lipa Collaboration

Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, recently spoke with Drumeo about his partnership with pop vocalist Dua Lipa. Smith played the drum part for Dua Lipa’s 2020 hit ‘Break My Heart’ in the studio. The drummer described the process and how the entire event unfolded in a recent video. He stated: “My friend Andrew Watt is an incredible producer who was working with Dua Lipa. When I arrived, they were just closing up the session; they’d pretty much written everything. ‘I’m so delighted you’re here,’ Andrew exclaimed. We were recently discussing how this song requires live percussion!’ ‘Here we go!’ I say. Great!'” Smith also stated that he did not strive to shine and instead focused on playing the drums and doing his thing: “When you’re the artist’s ‘band,’ if it’s a singer, you’re just trying to do whatever they need or want to make it feel good.

” There is none… I’m not attempting to get my point across.” This isn’t the first time he’s played drums for a pop vocalist. Smith has also worked with Halsey, Charlie Puth, Lana Del Rey, and Charlie XCX. He also worked with Miley Cyrus on her cover of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ See the most recent video below.

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