Bruce Springsteen informs fans of his painful condition that has forced the cancellation of his tour

The Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band tour scheduled for 2023 has been postponed until 2024, the Boss announced in a statement on his X website, citing his painful condition and the recommendation of his doctor. The declaration said: “On the advice of his doctor, Bruce Springsteen will continue treatment for the remainder of the year as he has been doing for the previous few weeks in his recovery from peptic ulcer disease. All remaining 2023 tour dates for Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band will be postponed until 2024 in light of this and out of an abundance of caution. All of Springsteen’s September 2023 performances had initially been canceled, according to his initial announcement. He was receiving treatment for peptic ulcer disease-related symptoms. Experts claim that because of issues in the small intestine, stomach ulcers might result in excruciating discomfort. The singer was healing “steadily,” but they were forced to call off the entire tour.

He continued in his X statement by informing fans of new dates, ticket prices, and refunds. He stated: The dates for all of the 2023 performances, including those that were postponed earlier this month, will be revealed the following week and will all take place at the venues for which they were originally scheduled. Those who acquired their tickets through official ticketing firms and are unable to attend on the new date have 30 days to ask for a refund after the new dates for 2024 are revealed. For the newly revealed dates, all tickets for postponed performances will still be valid. Bruce also added some special remarks to express gratitude to the audience for their support, saying: “I want to thank all of my friends and supporters for their kind words, inspiration, and help. I’m recovering well and am eager to meet you all again in 2019. Below is a link to Bruce Springsteen’s tweet.

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