Bruce Springsteen claimed that the Rolling Stones have the most ‘underrated songbook’ in rock history

Despite their success, Bruce Springsteen believes The Rolling Stones are underappreciated. He explained why he believes they have always been a fantastic band. Bruce Springsteen, like many renowned rock performers, grew up listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. When he realized he wanted to be a lead guitarist and dreamed of performing onstage with the band, he spent hours teaching himself a Keith Richards solo. Years later, he sang a song with them in a concert. Springsteen believes the band is one of the greatest in the business, but that their catalog is underappreciated.

According to Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones have always outperformed their peers. Springsteen appeared onstage with The Rolling Stones in New Jersey in 2012 to sing “Tumbling Dice.” He described his excitement at joining the band at rehearsals the day before. They were not only one of his favorite bands, but he considered them to be one of the best of all time. “The next night, we did it for twenty thousand thunderstruck New Jerseyans in Newark,” Springsteen recalled in his autobiography Born to Run.

“It was a thrill, but it didn’t have the mystic kick of the night before, when I got to sit in, in that little room with just those four guys, the GREATEST GARAGE BAND IN THE WORLD, in my small piece of rock’n’roll heaven.”

Springsteen noted that the band’s chemistry and broad history of music contributed to its allure. Despite their success, he thought their songbook was underappreciated. “A great group is always about chemistry,” he explained. “The chemistry between these players is unrivaled up close.” Keith’s guitar complements Charlie’s percussion, providing a swing that restores the roll to the rock. This is the final rock & roll band. When you combine that with the greatest underappreciated songbook in rock history, the Stones have always been head and shoulders above the competition. “I still do.

” Is it true that The Rolling Stones are underappreciated, as Bruce Springsteen claims? The Rolling Stones have been a band for 60 years, have performed in stadiums all around the world, and have won multiple Grammy Awards. The band is undeniably successful, so how can Springsteen consider them underrated? Part of this could be attributed to the band’s rise to notoriety. The Beatles were their main rivals in the early 1960s. The band was only together for a decade, yet they have a wider cultural impact.

Any band, no matter how talented, will be unable to compete. The Stones have also been labeled as a blues cover band, both by themselves and by other musicians. They’ve evolved into more than this over the years, although Paul McCartney defined them as such as recently as 2021. While the band is not underappreciated in the traditional sense, some regard them as a rip-off of the blues and other bands of the time. As a result, they may not receive the respect they deserve.

Keith Richards has called the Rolling Stones’ most underappreciated album. Richards agrees with Springsteen on some way. When talking about his favorite Rolling Stones albums, he mentioned one that he thinks is underappreciated. “It’s always difficult to pick favorites.” I’d go to any of the places between Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, and Exile on Main St. “I’ll also see Bridges to Babylon, which I think is underappreciated,” he told GQ. “But, you know, that’s when we were hitting our stuff and it was easy because we were working at home, and we weren’t being kicked out of the country and having to duck and dive.” Because we weren’t exiles, it was easier to work. But in reality, I despise picking out favorites because they all have something personal to me on them. To be honest, I adore them all, some more than others.”

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