Bruce Dickinson Returns with the Comic Book Series “Afterglow of Ragnarok”

Bruce Dickinson released “Afterglow Of Ragnarok,” his first solo song in almost two decades. The album The Mandrake Project will be released on March 1, 2024. At the CXP23 Comic-Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the frontman of Iron Maiden unveiled the song’s updated video along with information about the album and a future comic book series.

I am the reality that is being played; I am your very soul; I am the one you do not know. Songs about hiding and seeking Co-written and co-produced with Roy Z, who also contributed to Dickinson’s earlier solo recordings, Balls To Picasso, Accident Of Birth, The Chemical Wedding, and Tyranny Of Souls, which was published in 2005, Dickinson sobs her way through the powerful song “Afterglow of Ragnarok.” The track was deemed “a heavy song” by Dickinson. “It’s driven by a great big riff, but the chorus also has a real melody that displays the light and shade that the rest of the album brings,” he continued.

The Mandrake Project’s ten tracks were mostly recorded at the Doom Room in Los Angeles, California, with co-producer Roy Z (who also served as a guitarist and bassist), drummer Dave Moreno (who previously collaborated with Dickinson on Tyranny of Souls), and pianist Mistheria. In an earlier statement, Dickinson added, “This album has been a very personal journey for me and I am extremely proud of it.” It has taken years for Roy Z and I to plan, write, and record it, so I’m thrilled that people can now hear it. The idea of being able to bring this incredible band we’ve put together to life by going on tour excites me even more. The music video for the song was written by Dickinson and Tony Lee, a British writer with credits in TV shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek, and 2000AD. The Mandrake Project’s primary protagonist, Dr. Necropolis, appears in the Ryan Mackfall-directed music video for “Afterglow of Ragnarok,” which establishes the tone for the greater narrative that will be told in the songs and in the comic book series.

Alongside the record, Dickinson is publishing an accompanying comic series written by Tony Lee and illustrated by Staz Johnson in collaboration with Z2 Comics. The first of 12 issues will be available on January 17, 2024. The 7″ gatefold vinyl version of the single also comes with an eight-page prequel comic book. The song “Eternity Has Failed,” which was first released as “If Eternity Should Fail” on Iron Maiden’s 2015 album The Book of Souls, is also included on the album. In April 2024, Dickinson will begin a nine-date tour in Mexico and Brazil in support of The Mandrake Project. Additional dates will be announced in the coming year.
‘The Mandrake Project’ Tracklisting:
“Afterglow Of Ragnarok”
“Many Doors To Hell”
“Rain On The Graves”
“Resurrection Men”
“Fingers In The Wounds”
“Eternity Has Failed”
“Mistress Of Mercy”
“Face In The Mirror”
“Shadow Of The Gods”
“Sonata (Immortal Beloved)”

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