Brian Welch of Korn Responds to Maynard James Keenan’s Principles

During an interview with The Joe Kingdom Perspective, Korn’s Brian Welch discussed Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan’s life philosophies. As a rock star, Keenan had previously joined Joe Rogan in addressing how vital it was not to dictate to others and to listen to what everyone had to say. So Welch addressed these statements, addressing Korn’s difficulties with listening to others: “When we were climbing the success ladder, it was just like what we said. Everyone said, ‘Yes, man.’ Everyone who worked with us said, ‘Yes, yes, anything you say.'” He went on to explain how the band had to humble themselves after experiencing adversity: “Then we start to face difficulties: we’re not as successful as we once were, there’s drug addiction, five males in the band; five guys divorced within three years of being married… Then you’ll have to start listening, and you’ll have to be humbled to learn to listen because once you realize you’re not invincible, you start asking who can help you since you’re not who you thought you were.

” The rocker then lauded Keenan’s processing and point of view: “That was really good; I liked when he said that because he’s right.” Maynard is one of the best vocalists, lyricists, and performers of our generation, you know, the last two or three decades. Tool is one of the most successful bands in history. We used to go on tour with them.” Brian also discussed the traumatic upbringing of the Tool vocalist and his mother, Judith, who was crippled for 27 years: “Knowing his background, where he came from, and his mother; it’s commonly known that his mother had faith and believed in her healing… She never received the healing she prayed for from the Lord, and he’s written songs about it. So hearing his thoughts on music and production is extremely wonderful.” Check out the video embedded below.

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