Brian Welch of Korn claims that he plays metal because the Bible commands him to

In a recent interview with Abel to Do Anything, Brian “Head” Welch of Korn discussed the band’s lack of social media presence and the reasons behind their modest profile. The host brought up the gap in their YouTube content during his presence. When asked why there was such a large lapse in time between the videos, the rock star explained as follows: “I believe it’s simply because we’re in this season of retreating and entering because you have to give people a break and just kind of go away when you have a big cycle and when you tour the world sometimes markets twice.”

Welch continued speaking about how active their social media pages were, saying: We’re still using Facebook and Instagram, but we’re not posting anything on YouTube right now. Instead, we’re just letting things exist, breathing life into them, and taking a break before maybe stepping things up next year. He also gave an explanation of why he plays metal, quoting the Bible: “People ask me how I manage to follow Jesus and play metal while also being spiritual. I completely get it. I thought to myself, “What is metal? It’s shouting. The Bible says to give a shout to the Lord.”

Korn’s YouTube Channel’s Content. Since launching their YouTube channel, Korn has shared alternate takes on their songs along with behind-the-scenes films. They discussed their partnership with Adidas in their most recent video. Korn hadn’t released any videos in nine months prior to announcing the partnership. The band has been actively spreading news about their relationship with the business on social media and has been tease the fans about it. The band hasn’t posted any videos on their YouTube channel in the last three weeks, but they have been active on their own social media pages.

The Much-Awaited Partnership with Adidas. The song “A.D.I.D.A.S.” by Korn from 1996 served as the inspiration for their partnership with the company. Initially recognized for their dreadlocks and Adidas tracksuits, the two parties eventually paid attention to what the fans had to say and collaborated on a number of new designs. The series is scheduled for restocking in 2024, having already sold out. The interview is available to watch below.

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