Brian May of Queen warns about the ‘evil side’ of artificial intelligence

Brian May recently spoke with Guitar Player for their October 2023 issue and expressed his fears about the negative impact of AI on music. When asked about the usage of artificial intelligence in the music industry and whether he has encountered it in his scientific activities, the guitarist responded: “It is, and my main concern with it right now is artistic.” I believe the terrain will be radically altered by this time next year. We won’t be able to tell which way is up. We won’t be able to tell what was developed by AI and what was created by humans.” He proceeded, outlining his concerns regarding AI: “Everything is going to become very blurred and very confusing, and I believe 2023 will be remembered as the last year when humans truly dominated the music scene.” I honestly believe it may be that serious, which does not make me happy. It makes me nervous, and I’m preparing to be sad about it.

” The Queen legend also discussed how AI could effect areas other than music, as he explained: “I believe AI will produce a lot of great things because it will increase humans’ abilities to solve problems.” However, the potential for AI to inflict evil is certainly enormous – not just in music, because nobody dies in music, but also if AI becomes involved in politics and world dominance for various nations. I believe the whole thing is terrifying. It’s lot more far-reaching than anyone realized – certainly more than I realized.” AI in music is an issue on which many musicians have expressed their concerns, and May is not the only one. In June, Joe Bonamassa spoke out about the dangers of AI, saying: “It’s a matter of personal integrity for me.” There are great composers in every generation, and they all have a distinct personality, but AI will be extremely dangerous. You’re going to witness singer-songwriters who, for whatever reason, check their morals at the door.” In past interviews, Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney were among the many artists who expressed their thoughts on the potential effects of AI on music.

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