Brian May is ecstatic that his dreams have finally come true

Brian May of Queen has revealed information about the upcoming tour with Adam Lambert and Queen. May talked about the days he spent getting ready for the band’s upcoming gig and how happy he was that his goals were finally coming true. The rocker posted a clip of the Baltimore CFG arena’s seating arrangement along with the accompanying description: “Be prepared! We’re in the final five days of preparing for our new concert here, in the depths of Baltimore’s CFG Arena. Many surprises await you from us! It’s wonderful to see this talented crew get back to work and realize our new aspirations. Not much longer!” He also uploaded a video of himself practicing for their forthcoming debut performance and captioned it as follows:

What better way to begin the first day? an interval workout here and there. Adam, Queen, and our outstanding production crew are returning to the United States with a new tour. This has been in the works for at least a year, and music rehearsals have already taken place in the UK. Now for the Baltimore location’s production rehearsals and… On the road for a ferocious six-week campaign across North America. What we do is this. In comments, the fans expressed how eager they were for the upcoming tour. The guitarist previously stated that even though they continue to refer to their tour as “The Rhapsody Tour,” the material has significantly changed since fans last saw it. Moreover, Adam Lambert was excited to tour the United States and Canada once more with two “incredibly talented legends,” alluding to May and Roger Taylor. On October 4 in Baltimore, “The Rhapsody Tour” will begin, and it will end on November 12 in Los Angeles.

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