Brian May announces Queen and Adam Lambert 2024 tour dates: ‘This may be the last time’

Queen and Adam Lambert have confirmed tour dates for 2024, with Sir Brian May and Roger Taylor conceding that they may be their final series of gigs. Queen and Adam Lambert are poised to embark on a new North American tour this October and November. Sir Brian May, Roger Taylor, and the vocalist have all been asked if there are any additional plans for gigs in 2024 since that declaration. The guitarist teased on The One Show earlier this summer, “We’re going to the States in the Autumn and I think maybe somewhere else in the Spring.” The band has now revealed their next destination beyond North America. And, from what I’ve heard, this may be the last time Queen performs there. In February of next year, Queen and Adam Lambert will perform five mega dome concerts around Japan. This will be the band’s first performance there since right before the pandemic in early 2020.

“We are so excited to be returning to Japan, the country that has always held a special and most honoured place in our hearts,” Roger Taylor stated alongside Brian May. Who knows if this is the final time… We guarantee to bring you something truly exceptional!” The guitarist virtually emphasized that this will be an even more grandiose version of the Rhapsody tour show, and one of the most important shows they’ve ever performed in Japan. “Since their first arrival in Japan in April 1975 to scenes of fan mob mania, the bond between Queen and Japan has been richly woven into band history,” according to the release. Despite their absence from the concert circuit, Queen’s music remained popular in Japan throughout the 1990s and into the twenty-first century, thanks in part to their use in TV ads and dramas.

I Was Born To Love You by the band achieved No. 1 on the singles chart after being featured in a beer commercial. Queen’s standing as Japan’s favorite foreign band was reconfirmed when they were invited to return in 2014, now led by Adam Lambert, to headline Summer Sonic, Japan’s largest rock festival. “Japan is now once again a regular feature on the touring schedule, with Queen and Adam Lambert returning as recently as 2020 to perform four massive sold-out shows across the country, clearly demonstrating that the bond between Queen and Japan remains as strong as ever.” “The Japan shows back in 2020 were so much fun, the audiences were incredible!” said an ecstatic Adam Lambert. I am overjoyed at the prospect of returning. “I cannot wait!” Will the band tour more nations in 2024? There are currently no plans, however Sir Brian did hint in that The One Show interview that they may return to the UK and Europe in the future.

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