Bono And The Edge Sign A Million Dollar, 30-Year Business Agreement

As U2 continued to play at The Sphere in Las Vegas, news broke that Bono and The Edge had just sold the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, which they had owned for 30 years. The property was acquired by The Dean Hotel Group, headed by Paddy McKillen Jr. and Matt Ryan, for several million euros from the members of U2 and Paddy McKillen Sr. It is unknown exactly how much money Bono and The Edge made from the arrangement.

However, according to a report in The Irish Times, the acquiring group obtained a €43 million loan to aid in the purchase of the freehold of the Clarence Hotel. The leasehold of the hotel was acquired by The Dean Hotel Group in 2019. It is a member of the Press Up Hospitality Group. Since then, they have overseen its operations. With the most recent acquisition, they revealed plans for renovations and extensions to expand the business into the building next door, bringing the room count to 102.

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