Axl Rose Issues Apology Following Guns N’ Roses Concert

On the night of September 1, Guns N’ Roses went live in Saratoga Springs, and Axl Rose tweeted from his official account, apologizing to his fans for his raspy voice and performance: “Please accept my apologies.” I was a small horse… Fun night with a wonderful crowd!! Excellent location!! It’s wonderful to be back!! Please accept my apologies and thank you once more!!” Some fans, like former Headbangers Ball host Riki Rachtman, pointed out that Axl didn’t employ pre-recorded songs, and that this authenticity is consistent with the ‘rock n’ roll’ style: “But never on video.” Always stay alive!!!!! Rock and roll isn’t perfect. “Rock and roll is raw and, more importantly, live, not on tape.” However, not all fans were thrilled with Rose’s performance. One individual wrote on Twitter: “I try to remain optimistic, but I was at this show, and it was the worst vocal performance I have ever witnessed live.

” Everyone who says differently is not being truthful.” On YouTube, a fan-recorded video from the show was posted in which Axl acknowledged the problem with his voice and told supporters that he would try his best: “My voice is a little wacky in between those lows and highs because last show, for whatever reason, I was throwing up in between every time we disappear.” And then, for the next two days until I arrived, I felt quite decent, but I’m not sure. So I’m going to do my best to improvise and not disappoint you.” Axl should heal quickly because Guns N’ Roses is on tour through October 16, with numerous stops scheduled. The tour dates and ticket information may be found here. The previously stated tweets can be found below.

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