Austin Butler Discusses Lisa Marie’s Conflicts With Father Elvis Presley

Austin Butler appeared on the Sunday TODAY Show with Willie Geist, where he discussed his Oscar-nominated portrayal as Elvis Presley. The actor also discussed his friendship with the late Lisa Marie and how he realized how her father’s portrayal affected her. He elaborated: “I felt a tremendous amount of responsibility to them, to their families, and to Elvis’ [Presley’s] legacy.” When I eventually met Lisa Marie, we were looking into one other’s eyes, and I fell in love with her. I know how misunderstood he was weighed heavily on her. I simply wish Mom was here to share our joy.” Butler reminisced about how he first met Elvis for his role as the singer, saying: “The idea of being able to explore the life of someone who had the life that Elvis had, who has either been so misunderstood that he is now simply a Halloween costume for people, or he has been idolized to the point where he becomes larger than life.

” Austin even recalled moments when he doubted himself while filming the 2022 film. He stated, ” “There were many times when it felt impossible, and I didn’t feel like I was enough, and I kept waiting for somebody to look at me and go, ‘You don’t belong here, get out of here,’ and Baz [Luhrmann] had this faith in me.” Although Austin questioned his performance on many occasions, Lisa lauded the actor on Instagram before the film’s release last year. She stated: “Austin Butler beautifully channeled and embodied my father’s heart and soul.” His performance, in my humble opinion, is unprecedented, and it is finally done accurately and politely.” Austin Butler’s appearance on the Sunday TODAY Show with Willie Geist can be seen here.

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