At Mad Cool Madrid, Machine Gun Kelly performs a Reggaetón song and speaks Spanish

What is Machine Gun Kelly incapable of accomplishing? That list is shrinking by the day as the rapper/rocker continues to demonstrate his diverse skill set to the masses. On Thursday (July 6), at Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival, MGK performed a cover of Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro,” impressing audiences with his command of the Spanish language. He addressed the audience in Spanish at first. “Spain, thank you so much for welcoming me to your country,” he told Rolling Stone (quote). “I’m feeling all the love here today.” In exchange, I’d like to sing a song in your language with you all. Let’s get started!” He immediately launched into the reggaetón song by Omar, which was published in 2010. He later uploaded a video of the performance to Instagram. “Haters will say I switched genres again,” he wrote in the post, referring to his musical career as a chameleon. Watch the video below.

While MGK has almost entirely focused on his punk rock side in recent years, he is beginning to go back and forth between that sound and his rap beginnings. He recently performed with Mötley Crüe in a performance of “The Dirt (Est. 1981),” a song created for the band’s biographical series. For the project, MGK used his acting skills to play drummer Tommy Lee. At Hellfest in Clisson, France, MGK joined the band to add his verse: “More sex, more tats, more blood, more pain / More threats, more theft, torn jeans, cocaine / Midnight ride down the Sunset Strip / New bike with the plate read the 666.” In other news, he shocked fans by returning to rap with “Pressure.” The song is a piercing reflection on fame, death, and his career in music. The diamonds represent all of the pressure they put on me to shine / My existence is symbiotic / I could never lose the feeling with the culture / It’s been a long ride, so make sure they’re rolling one up for me. We’re doing this for Money T, to keep his name alive, he says in the song.

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