As Game of Thrones star jumps to $29B MCU for secret invasion, Emilia Clarke’s Marvel character is revealed.

The identity of Emilia Clarke’s character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Secret Invasion has finally been made public by Marvel Studios, despite the actress’s appearance in the teaser. Her persona has been speculated to be anything from a mutant or Skrull from a comic book to an Abigail Brand-style SWORD agent. But now that the release date for Secret Invasion has been announced, Marvel has finally revealed the name of the character that the Game of Thrones actress will be portraying in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Emilia Clarke’s key role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has received a long-awaited confirmation from Marvel.
Emilia Clarke will play G’iah, Talos’ daughter, in the upcoming Marvel Studios film Secret Invasion, according to Vanity Fair. G’iah last seen as a young child in the Captain Marvel movie from 2019. Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, described Clarke’s character as “the tiny Skrull girl has grown up” and recalled the Captain Marvel sequence where Talos was reunited with his Skrull family:

The connection between Talos and G’iah appears to be troubled, and these issues will likely factor into the events of the new Disney+ series, the report claims.

The similarities between Captain Marvel and Emilia Clarke
It has now been confirmed that Emilia Clarke would be portraying the Skrull character G’iah, despite reports that she would be playing Abigail Brand and an official Tenor GIF of the Secret Invasion actress appearing to prove it. Clarke’s persona might be both G’iah and Brand, with Brand serving as a fictitious human identity. This is because, during the Skrulls’ assault on the SWORD headquarters during the Secret Invasion comic series, Abigail Brand was present. It will be interesting to see if this theory is correct.

Ben Mendelsohn’s characters Talos and G’iah, who appear to be on different sides at the start of the series, may be. In addition, Monica Rambeau’s plotline in Captain Marvel (2019), who was also a small girl at the time and is now fed up with her aunt Carol Danvers, appears to be mirrored by G’iah’s in the MCU. A cameo by Monica in Secret Invasion or a cameo by G’iah in The Marvels(2023) later this year could result from the fact that G’iah and Monica first met and played together at the end of the 2019 movie.

Response of Emilia Clarke to being chosen for a Marvel project
Emilia Clarke discussed her choice to join Secret Invasion in a recent interview with Comic Book, where she was promoting her new Image Comics miniseries, M.O.M.: Mother of Madness. Clarke acknowledged her respect for the work that Marvel Studios is presently producing and claimed that she feels cool to be a legitimate member of the series. Check out Clarke’s remarks below:

Given the precarious transition phase the MCU is now going through, Emilia Clarke’s comment that Marvel Studios’ current ambitions are “cutting edge” is important. There is a danger involved with the brand’s endeavor to re-establish and re-invent itself in order to keep its followers interested given that some of the adored founding heroes of the franchise are no longer in the picture. But it’s encouraging to know that the MCU has intriguing projects in store and will continue to draw in top talent because renowned performers like Clarke are joining the universe for films like Secret Invasion.

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