Although Johnny Depp is best known for his role as Edward Scissorhands, these eight actors were almost cast instead

Although eight other actors may have been chosen to play the part of Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp may have been the ideal choice. Although he wasn’t the only actor considered for the part, actor Johnny Depp made his name in Hollywood when he was cast in the title role of Edward Scissorhands. Despite being Tim Burton’s longtime inspiration, a number of unexpected actors may have taken on the part of Edward. Which actors might have been considered for the part? These A-listers could have received Edward Scissorhands. It may be difficult to picture, but Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, and even William Hurt were contenders for the role.

Hanks chose to star in the movie Bonfire of the Vanities instead, which prevented him from continuing. Cruise’s name was also mentioned for the part at the same time. Burton wanted someone with a more indie appeal because he was filming Days of Thunder at the time. Carrey made the short list of candidates because, at the time, he hadn’t attained A-list status. Hurt did make a query on the Edward Scissorhands part. Burton, however, desired a younger person. The Edward Scissorhands role was offered to Gary Oldman, but John Cusack was a writer favorite. If Gary Oldman had been cast, Edward Scissorhands would have been a completely different movie. He reportedly declined Burton’s offer for the part because he didn’t comprehend the script. Oldman told Larry King that after reading the script, he thought it was absurd. “A castle at the end of this road, and an Avon representative comes by selling cosmetics, and this kid’s got scissors in his hands? This is absurd. I’m totally lost on this.

John Cusack was one of the first performers to be given consideration for the part. In the 1980s, Cusack became well-known thanks to movies like Sixteen Candles and Say Anything. Cusack was the first choice for the character of Edward by Caroline Thompson, the author of Edward Scissorhands. Robert Downey Jr. was another performer who was a contender for the part. However, he was preoccupied with filming Air America with Mel Gibson. “There was a party when Robert Downey was honored for playing Edward. I have no idea why that occurred, Thompson said to Insider. Michael Jackson desired the position. Michael Jackson, a popular musician, expressed interest in playing Edward. Jackson even aggressively sought out the part, but Burton preferred an actor to a singer. Michael Jackson probably wanted to do it. I suppose he went after Tim. Tim didn’t go after him, according to Thompson.

Thompson added that a very particular performer required to play the part. At first, she described the idea as “the stupidest idea [she] had ever heard in [her] life.” But she quickly shifted her position. It’s fantastic. There is no need to struggle to grasp what that implies because it is clearly stated on its sleeve. I won’t bother viewing a movie if I can’t comprehend the sound. Films are films. No words. What could be more obvious than a man trying to squeeze in with scissors in his hands? Additionally, the actor for the role had to be skilled at conveying emotion through facial expressions. In the entire movie, Edward Scissorhands says hardly more than 150 words. As a result, the actor had to accurately recreate the character with his eyes and facial movements. Depp accomplished this quite well. Depp, according to Thompson, “delivered a beautiful, beautiful performance.”

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