Alicia Taylor Stands Up For Corey Taylor Against Former Bandmate’s Charges

Jason Christopher just took to Facebook to explain why he is leaving Corey Taylor’s band in 2021. Soon after, the singer’s wife, Alicia Dove, gave her thoughts on the situation on Instagram. The bassist’s statement said that in August 2021, despite being sick, he attended rehearsals for an upcoming concert, unaware that he had fallen in love with Covid. Taylor became enraged after learning that he had endangered people’s health. So Christopher apologized and promised to make things right once the situation had calmed down. However, according to his open letter: “Corey and his entire camp excluded me. It wasn’t long after that I got wind of some folks claiming I was a Trump fan, had a bogus vaxx card, and a bunch of other awesome nonsense. I didn’t want the vaccine; I didn’t need it… I only purchased it so I could work and play music.” Following the news, people close to the Slipknot vocalist began to distance themselves from the bassist, causing his career to suffer. In response, Christopher sent apologies emails to the band members, despite his belief that he was not at fault. Nonetheless, the musician stated that this did not improve their relationship and went on to discuss his time with the band. He only missed ‘feeling faux significant playing bland Midwest radio rock tunes’ that he didn’t like, he claimed.

He explained why he shared all of this with his admirers by saying: “I guess I’m just writing this because some people don’t realize I’m no longer in the band, and every time the little guy has a tour coming up, I start getting the ‘I can’t wait to see you in (enter city here)’ constantly, which completely annoys me.” While responding to these charges on Instagram, Alicia first addressed her friendship with Jason Christopher. She said, however, that he told ‘half-truths’ to make himself look better. The dancer also chastised the bassist for disparaging the singer and his band while remaining silent on the issue. Then, in writing, she detailed why he was fired: “Jason was fired because: Before rehearsals began, everyone in the camp was required to get tested and submit a negative Covid test before attending pre-production. Except for Jason, everyone in the camp complied.

We’ll never know if he felt he was above the rules because he took advantage of the fact that he was Corey’s best buddy and didn’t feel like he needed to or what.” Dove continued, referring to Christopher’s remarks about feeling nauseous during rehearsals: “Regardless, he didn’t get tested and came to rehearsals anyway, spitting water on Zach [Throne] and even hugging and kissing me on the cheek (I was masked) when I stopped by.” It’s mind-boggling to me how one simple decision could have prevented all of this foolishness.” Alicia added that if the old touring bassist was tested in time like Zach Throne, he would still be a part of the band. Finally, she responded to any conceivable criticism of her reasoning by adding: “And before anyone goes all ‘Shut up, Yoko’ on me, the band has given me permission to say this, and I’ll always stand up to lies, especially when they involve my husband.” I’m also turning off comments because I don’t want people to chime in on this page just to feel like they agree with me and make me feel good; this is about standing up for what’s right and the truth.” You can read Jason Christopher’s entire letter here, and Alicia Taylor’s entire post here.

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