Alice Cooper Describes Johnny Depp’s True Self

Recently, Alice Cooper expressed his opinions towards his Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johnny Depp. The musician made an appearance on Studio 10, where he revealed his true identity. When questioned about the response the band receives from the audience when they take the stage, Cooper said that most of the fans focus on Depp rather than the other members of the band. The rocker described Depp’s personality as follows: “The majority of the girls are staring at Johnny. The world’s nicest man is Johnny. The man is the most infamous of all the lovely guys. He was questioned about people’s loyalty to Depp and responded by describing the rocker. He clarified: “Well, I believe it’s just because he’s above and above the most down to earth person there is when you meet him. He will converse for an hour with a complete stranger while sitting on a park bench.

That is, after all, him. The one rumor that had been going around among fans ever since Depp was sick was revealed by him next: “We are aware that our pictures are greatly exaggerated. The next item to appear on the internet after he fell ill in Budapest on his most recent tour was “Johnny Depp dead.” I therefore introduced him that evening on stage as “Johnny Depp defined by death.” When discussing Depp’s trial with Amber Heard, the rocker had described his bandmate as the loveliest and most innocent person he had ever encountered. Despite his public persona, he added, he is a “devout Christian.” The interview is seen below.

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