Alex Lifeson Discusses Rush’s Breakthrough With Geddy Lee And Neil Peart

Alex Lifeson of Rush recently appeared on Gibson TV and described what he and his former colleagues Geddy Lee and Neil Peart bought with their first money after landing a record deal. The guitarist recalled their early days in the music industry, saying: “That was my main guitar when we were doing bar gigs in the early to mid ’70s when we got our first record deal.” I had a backup guitar, but I found myself reaching for the 335 more than anything else.”

Then he showed what they each received with their first earnings: “Of course, once we got our record deal advance, we went shopping at Long and McQuade’s.” Neil purchased a set of drums, Geddy purchased an amp, and I believe he purchased a bass or a couple of basses, and I purchased my first Les Paul, a Les Paul Deluxe. It was amazing; it was like a dream come true for any young musician, I believe.”

During the same interview, Lifeson discussed why he opted to play the guitar: “I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old.” I wanted to learn to play the guitar because I felt it was such a cool instrument. It sounded extremely nice to me. When I listened to songs with guitar music in it, especially the Beach Boys in the mid-’60s, it was just the driving force of the music, and it just kinda called to me.”

You can see the musician’s entire interview below.

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