Alan Clark of Dire Straits recalls Tina Turner’s irrefutable offer

Dire Straits’ recent interview with ‘Paltrocast’ Alan Clark discussed the proposals he received from Tina Turner and Eric Clapton in the past. Clark said why he couldn’t say no to the musicians: “When Eric Clapton asks you to join his band you don’t say no. It took me about four seconds to say yes. I must admit I did during those four seconds I did think, ‘Yeah maybe after this…’ You know, but it was four seconds. Of course, I mean playing with Eric was a joy an absolute joy, and Tina [Turner].” He went on to explain how he obtained the opportunity to work with Tina: “Tina asked me, and I couldn’t say no, so I joined Tina for a short time.” She appointed me as her musical director. ‘Well, I can’t tour with you, but I can help you,’ I answered. I mean, I went on a tour with her and then she asked me to be the MD. So I said, ‘Well, I’ll do that, but just as a consultant, to help you get the band together.

‘ That’s exactly what I did.” Alan went on to say: “I’d fly across to L.A. and spend three weeks there rehearsing with the band and saying goodbye, and then every now and then I’d have to go out on the road to fill in for a keyboard player or whatever; I think that happened twice.” But, you know, there are some things you just can’t say no to.” Alan revealed on his YouTube channel in 2021 that he collaborated with Turner on the song ‘Private Dancer’ and that he also joined the tour. He remembered: “Tina was preparing to embark on a US tour with Lionel Richie…I was on a break from Dire Straits, so I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it,’ since I’ve been a Tina Turner fan since I first heard ‘River Deep Mountain High. ‘ So I ended up going on a six-week tour with Tina.” Alan Clark’s interview with ‘Paltrocast’ and his YouTube video on ‘Private Dancer’ can be found here.

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