After Steven Van Zandt’s revelation, Bruce Springsteen nearly has a heart attack

Bruce Springsteen of the E Street Band nearly collapsed during a recent Gillette Stadium gig when bandmate Steven Van Zandt revealed his background. During their rendition of ‘Glory Days,’ Springsteen asked the audience whether they wanted to go home as part of their encore. Van Zandt moved closer to the microphone at that point and informed Springsteen: “You should know, I was born here.” Springsteen reacted, saying: “In Boston?” Van Zandt responded, saying: “Yeah, Watertown!” Springsteen then informed the audience that his bandmate is from New Jersey, before pausing to place his palm to his head and saying: “I’m having a panic attack!” says the speaker. The band then resumed their encore with a rendition of ‘Born In The USA.

‘ Craig Semon, a journalist, captured the scene and shared it on Twitter. Van Zandt previously stated that, while he doesn’t recall much about Watertown, it was’more than hospitable’ whenever he returned. The journalist’s footage is embedded below.

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