After four weeks of dating, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd moved in together

Pattie Boyd initially refused to date George Harrison because she had a boyfriend. Things rapidly became serious once she consented. Pattie Boyd and George Harrison met on the set of A Hard Day’s Night. Boyd first refused to date the Beatle, but later succumbed to Harrison’s efforts. It wasn’t long after their first official date that the young couple decided to move into a lovely country cottage together. What brought George Harrison and Pattie Boyd together? 21-year-old On the first day of filming for the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, Harrison observed 19-year-old Boyd. Harrison first met the model, who was blond with a round face and large blue eyes. She was dressed in a short fur jacket and a little skirt that highlighted her long legs. According to Peter Brown and Steven Gaines’ The Love You Make, Boyd recalls Harrison looking at her on the first day of filming. She requested the Beatles for signatures at the end of the day. Harrison joyfully signed his name and kissed her sisters twice.

He added seven kisses to the autograph he signed for Boyd. Pattie first declined George’s invitation because she had a boyfriend. Harrison stayed close to Boyd on set the next day. She declined his invitation to return to his trailer. Later, he invited her out on a genuine date, which she also declined. “I explained that I had a steady boyfriend for two years and that I had an old-fashioned view of romance,” she told TLYM. “That meant fidelity.” But Harrison was dead keen on dating Boyd. On the third day of filming, he asked her out again, and she agreed. “I was loyal, not stupid,” she insisted.

Their relationship progressed swiftly. Boyd brought the Beatles to her mother and sisters during the first week of dating. A few weeks later, Harrison took his new girlfriend to see a beautiful country cottage in Esher that he was thinking about buying. The house was a large, one-story cottage on a National Trust-owned private property. The mansion was surrounded by thick woodlands and featured two long wings separated by a wide rectangular courtyard with a heated swimming pool. The living area has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked a beautifully planted backyard. As Harrison and Boyd walked through the empty house hand in hand, the musician inquired about her décor ideas. He informed her he didn’t want to be alone there. Harrison acquired the house before the month was over and asked Boyd to move in with him.

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