After criticism, Dolly Parton responds to working with Kid Rock

Recently, Dolly Parton talked about working with Kid Rock. The country singer responded to the musician’s involvement in her upcoming album in a recent interview with Mojo following the criticism he received for his contentious remarks. Kid Rock has recently expressed a number of contentious viewpoints that have drawn criticism from both fans and performers in the music industry. The country singer claimed that it wasn’t an issue for her. When asked if she cared about the political spectrum, Parton responded as follows: “No, I didn’t even consider that. Before all of that, Kid and I had already recorded the song. If that had occurred earlier, I’m not sure if I would have recorded him. He did a terrific job, so I probably would have too. Although she doesn’t mind working with him, she acknowledged that doing so would make people dislike her and judge her.

She went on: “Even inside my own family, I’m going to always have someone criticizing what I did or did not do: ‘What are you doing hanging around with that little queer thing? That young gay man? “You know what?” I retort. I cherish people. I could care less. I have no right to judge anyone. Nobody else should do it either; it is not their place. If so, they must have a lot more spirituality than they currently possess before they start hurling pebbles from that glass house. What sparked the question during the interview was connected to remarks made by Kid Rock that were homophobic and transphobic. Throughout his career, Rock has made numerous remarks of this nature, all of which have drawn criticism. Parton worked with LGBTQ+ allies and queer musicians including Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and others on her new album.

Some of the fans were upset to learn about the partnership, despite the fact that she appears to be fine with it despite his recent homophobic remarks. On November 17, the singer’s album “Rockstar” is scheduled for release. Some of the fan feedback on the cooperation is shown below.

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