After being leaked, Guns N’ Roses officially release a new song

Just past weekend, a new Guns N’ Roses song titled ‘Perhaps’ was leaked, which was supposed to be released on various digital streaming services on August 11th. However, someone on Twitter revealed a means for listeners to listen to the song, which was not published on the scheduled date for unclear reasons. For fans who were unaware that a Guns N’ Roses song had been leaked, ‘Perhaps’ appeared on digital jukebox machines across the United States before Guns N’ Roses could take the initiative and release the tune themselves. A fan who heard the music in a bar tweeted to let fans know that if they could find a local bar with ‘TouchTunes,’ they, too, could listen to the song before it is released worldwide. Not long after the leaked track became public, Guns N’ Roses took to Twitter to publicly announce and share a link to their new song, ‘Perhaps.’ They stated: “‘PERHAPS’ has arrived. “Pay attention right now.” On Twitter, fans responded to GNR’s official statement. One admirer even commended the band on their “marketing strategy,” writing: “I had so much fun because of all of the speculations and posts last week, the best marketing you’ve ever done.

” Even though the song appeared to be a new song or a leaked track, for die-hard GNR fans, ‘Perhaps’ was a single that was never released from their 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy.’ ‘Perhaps’ is the band’s first official release since their four-song EP ‘Hard Skool,’ which was released last February. The tweets from Guns N’ Roses and their supporters can be found below. You may also hear ‘Perhaps’ below.

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