After accusations of anti-Semitism, Roger Waters issues a statement

Roger Waters responded to allegations of antisemitism in the documentary “The Dark Side of Roger Waters” by issuing a formal statement. The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA)-produced movie included statements made by Roger Waters in the past that were attributed to Bob Ezrin and Norbert Stachel, two people who had worked with him for years. The musician responded to the accusations by writing: “The Campaign Against Antisemitism approached me earlier this month regarding a film they have produced. They gave me seven days to respond to a number of inquiries concerning events that occurred between 2002 and 2010. At first, I believed that their criticisms of my character were unwarranted. But now that the attacks are public, I want to publicly state my answer. He said that throughout his career, he has advocated for causes that he supports in an effort to create a just and fair society for individuals from all backgrounds. Waters went on to say that he has participated in peaceful demonstrations against the Israeli government’s conduct in Palestine.

“I’ve collaborated closely for a long time with numerous Jews, musicians, and other individuals. I apologize if I offended the two people who feature in the movie. But everyone who knows me well would attest to the fact that I am not and have never been an antisemite. Like the rest of humanity, I am aware of the diversity, interest, and complexity of the Jewish people. Many people support each other in the global and Israeli campaigns for justice and equality. The legendary member of Pink Floyd said, citing his denial of the allegations: “The movie completely misrepresents and distorts my opinions about the Israeli state and Zionism, its political ideology. It is based on an antisemitism definition that considers criticism of Israel to be inherently antisemitic and presupposes that Zionism is a crucial component of Jewish identity.

These views, which the interviewer and the two participants both express as their own, are vigorously disputed by many people, including many Jews. Roger continued by saying that the movie makes inaccurate allegations regarding his most recent tour that have been refuted by both him and the German courts. He added that ever since his father fought against fascism in World War II, he has been actively working against it. In the documentary, Ezrin asserted that he could recollect one instance in which Waters made a crude remark that included a disparaging mention of someone being Jewish. Stachel also discussed an occasion in which she claims Waters made derogatory remarks about Jewish food and made fun of her family, especially those who perished in the Holocaust.

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