Adrian Vandenberg Discusses His Relationship With David Coverdale

Adrian Vandenberg, guitarist for Whitesnake, commented on his friendship with bandmate David Coverdale once more. The two rockers’ relationship has long been a source of speculation, and it was recently brought up in an interview with Chuck Shute. During a recent interview, the guitarist disclosed that Coverdale used his influence in the band’s previous shows: “David relied heavily on my musical input.” But we also discussed where to go [as in] direction. The trouble was, unlike any other player in Whitesnake’s history, I was used to controlling my own band. So David could rely on me while David was at rehearsals, or when he arrived late, or whatever. I was used to working with and leading a band.” Vandenberg then went on to detail his friendship with Coverdale and the dynamics between the two: “So David told me over the years that knowing I’m experienced with that made him feel more at ease, and as people know, we work great together on a music bit, and we’re still in touch.” We became fast friends, even before I joined Whitesnake, and we spent a lot of time together during the ‘Here I Go Again’ recording sessions. We have the same kind of humour.

” The guitarist concluded the chat by revealing how long he had lived with the lead. He stated: “I lived with David in David’s house twice for about a year. So in the evenings, we’d watch Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Blackening, and other comedies, movies, or anything. We had a lot of fun together, and whenever we get together, we remember those moments.” Last year, Vandenberg also discussed Coverdale and their relationship, referring to it as a’super-marriage.’ The guitarist previously stated that the two had an incredible songwriting connection and were excellent friends when working together. The most recent interview can be seen below.

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