“Addicted To Romance” is a brand-new song from Bruce Springsteen

The musician recently released a new song called “Addicted to Romance,” which was co-written by his wife and fellow musician Patti Scialfa. Bruce Springsteen recently had to cancel all of his tour dates for 2024 in order to heal from a peptic ulcer. The song was created for the Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage, and Marisa Tomei-starring film “She Came To Me.” The song was created by Grammy Award winner Bryce Dessner and frequent Springsteen collaborator Ron Aniello. The film, which was helmed by Rebecca Miller, will debut on October 6 in the US.

Listen to Bruce Springsteen’s newest song, “Addicted To Romance”:

Variety noted that the story of the film is about “A melancholy classical composer (Dinklage) with writer’s block. He finds the inspiration for his next work when he meets a strange tugboat captain (Marisa Tomei), and his therapist wife (Anne Hathaway) encourages him to stage a successful comeback. His personal life implodes, though, just as his career appears to be taking off. Rebbeca Miller, the film’s director, recalled inviting Bruce to write the song in an interview with Variety. “I adore Bruce’s music so much. We wanted a unique song for “She Came to Me” to conclude on. Bruce was the person I secretly hoped it was, but I was hesitant to ask since I thought it was so unlikely and because I was, well, a little bashful.

“[Composer] Bryce Dessner pushed me to ask since he knew Bruce would enjoy the movie, so I went up to him. To my delight, Bruce and [his wife Patti Scialfa] ended up viewing the movie together. Bruce promised to wait a few days to see if any song ideas would come to him. ‘Addicted to Romance’ somehow emerged as the outcome. He claims that the movie inspired him, which is quite flattering for me,” Rebbeca Miller remarked.

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