Adam Lambert Is Adamant About Upholding Queen’s Freddie Mercury Legacy

Speaking to the audience at one of Queen’s last performances of their 2023 Rhapsody Tour, Adam Lambert seems dedicated to upholding Freddie Mercury’s legacy with the band. During the Saturday performance at Los Angeles’ BMO Stadium on November 11, the artist made the following remarks to the crowd: “What’s up, L.A.? It feels great to be back at home following a fantastic tour with two iconic rock and roll figures. Do you realize that I’ve been touring with Queen for ten years? Is that not absurd?

Adam’s Heartfelt Speech to Mercury
Lambert went on, paying tribute to the late vocalist of Queen by saying: Please know that I’m really fortunate every time I wake up here. I am aware of the great honor this represents. And know that Freddie Mercury is the one person I have in my heart every time I step onto the stage. Prior to starting the band’s song “Don’t Stop Me Now,” he said: “Are you also in love with Freddie?” He began, “That’s what this is, a celebration of Freddie and Queen,” and then launched into the hit song from Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Lambert’s Position As Lead Singer for Queen
Adam has assumed the main vocal position, but he and the other members of the band have made it clear that they are not trying to take the place of the deceased singer. Lambert stated that he tried to strike a balance between being true to the original songs and adding his own unique touch in a May interview with Ynet. He expressed:

“Do it like you, don’t imitate the records and Freddie,” was the first thing they told me on the first day of rehearsal. I thought, well, that’s probably clever. From my perspective, it was crucial to give it a true interpretation out of respect for the band. However, even in that case, I believed that you still needed to strike a balance between the original and your own impulses. Since deviating from the original too much would likewise be considered somewhat disrespectful. Later in their Los Angeles show, Brian May also honored his late bandmate. From a stool, he sang the acoustic version of “Love of My Life.” A video of Mercury performing the same song was displayed on the screen above the stage during the performance. May reached over to the screen where Mercury’s clip was playing after his performance.

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