Ace Frehley Played Like Bach on the KISS Album, Paul Gilbert Says

Guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert recently complimented former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s performance on their live “Alive II” record in an interview with Guitar World. He compared Ace to German classical music artist Johann Sebastian Bach and said that live records have the most enchantment. Says he: [From the Alive II album] Ace Frehley’s feedback magic is unmatched! On the first two KISS live albums, Alive! and Alive II, Ace’s solos are incredibly well-composed. They make me think of what Bach might do if he had a Marshall, a Les Paul, and an extraterrestrial space suit. Gilbert subsequently complimented the album’s songs in further detail. “King of the Nighttime World’s” initial feedback note swiftly transitions into its high harmonic, which Ace maintains at full intensity with a dramatic, soulful, and masterfully controlled vibrato. Then, Ace continues to use this gorgeous guitar feedback and vibrato in his unaccompanied solo at the end of “Shock Me.

” I adore it. His guitar work on the seminal “Alive!” CDs by KISS influenced a new wave of guitarists. It’s safe to assume that many guitarists in the rock scene, aside from Paul Gilbert, have been affected by Frehley’s technique in one way or another. In 1994, he discussed the topic with Marc Allan in an interview. It turns out that a sizable number of guitarists were still influenced by Frehley in 1994. Regarding the guitarists who drew inspiration from him, Frehley said: “Any top rock and roll group, from Pearl Jam to Skid Row, you name it, and their lead guitarist will certainly list me as one of their main influences. The main guitarist of Pearl Jam requested for my autograph when I took my daughter to see them. These things do happen, you know. When asked in a 1997 interview with Fuzz Magazine who of the contemporary guitarists had impacted him, he responded as follows: No. I’ve had an impact on them! Not to seem conceited, but that’s what they tell me. Ace Frehley appears to be conscious of his impact on the rock industry.

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