A John Lennon song that Celine Dion covered became even more popular than the original

In general, Celine Dion’s songs are more sentimental than those of John Lennon. But one of John’s later songs is so poignant that Dion may use it well. The influence of classic rock is so great that it has affected musicians who don’t even create rock music. The majority of John Lennon’s songs lacked the sentimentality of Celine Dion’s. But one of John’s later songs is so poignant that Dion may use it well. In comparison to the original, her rendition performed noticeably better in the US.

John Lennon wrote 1 of his songs for his son, Sean Ono Lennon
As performers, Dion and John could seem like complete opposites. Either way, John may be a balladeer. The ballad “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” is on his most recent album, Double Fantasy. The song was later covered by Dion in the early 2000s. David Sheff wrote an essay for the book All We Are Saying: The Final Great Interview with Yoko Ono and John Lennon, published in 2020. Sheff talked about listening to John perform the song for Sean Ono Lennon, his son. Sheff stated, “Back home, at bedtime, Sean crawled up onto his father’s lap and John read to him.”

“After that, he sang a lullaby he had composed for Sean. I had first heard this song in the studio one day when we were taking a break from our interview. John had taken up an acoustic guitar, started to play, and sang a song he had written down on paper, which had the words “Close your eyes.” Don’t be afraid. “Your father is here, the monster is gone, and he’s running,” Sheff wrote. With gleaming eyes, he sung the chorus. “Beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous, gorgeous boy.”

The impact that the song had on David Sheff and his son
Sheff claimed that both he and his son Nic were greatly impacted by “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy).” Two years after his time with John and Yoko, in July 1982, he announced that he had become a father. “I may be biased since I am his father, but Nic was a remarkable youngster, the sweetest person, and a bright light. “I read to Nic every night when I put him to bed, including Dr. Seuss, A Hole Is to Dig, and Goodnight Moon, and I also sang a lullaby called ‘Beautiful Boy.'” he continued. “Nic’s song had evolved from Sean’s.”

How John Lennon’s ‘Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)’ and Celine Dion’s cover performed
John’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” never charted on the Billboard Hot 100. On the other hand, Double Fantasy became a juggernaut. The record topped the Billboard 200 for eight weeks, staying on the chart for 77 weeks in total. It outperformed every one of John’s solo releases.

Meanwhile, Dion’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” didn’t reach the Billboard Hot 100. However, it reached No. 18 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart, remaining on the Adult Contemporary chart for 18 weeks. It wasn’t a big hit, but radio stations embraced it more than the original. The tune appeared on the album Miracle. That record climbed to No. 4 and stayed on the Billboard 200 for 22 weeks. Love it or hate it, Dion’s remake introduced the song to many people. After rising to No. 4, the record spent 22 weeks on the Billboard 200. Love it or hate it, a lot of people first heard the song thanks to Dion’s version. The song “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” is so good that it worked well for both Dion and John.

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