A hotel ban is imposed on Roger Waters because of his controversial remarks

Roger Waters is having problems lately making hotel reservations in Montevideo. Two hotels have declined to accommodate him, noting his vocal opposition to Israel during the continuing battle with Hamas. Waters’ “This Is Not A Drill” tour is expected to stop at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo. However, it’s unclear where he will remain after being turned down by the Hyatt Centric Hotel and the Regency network of hotels. According to a local radio station, there was no certainty at all that he would remain in Montevideo. The artist, according to Montevideo’s Azul FM, had “a discourse that is openly hateful and openly anti-Semitic.” Waters has assured his followers on social media that his November 17 Montevideo gig would proceed as planned, despite these accommodations problems. He posted a picture of himself and Nick Mason on X the day before the show, writing: This is Nick and me following one of the Redux performances in London last month. It’s great to see him.

Tomorrow, I will be in Montevideo, but he won’t be. Waters is scheduled to play in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after the Uruguay concert, but he indicated in an interview with Pagina 12 that he could have to stay in Sao Paulo, Brazil, because of housing issues in Buenos Aires. The musician gave the following explanation, claiming that his bookings at the Faena and Alvear hotels had been canceled: “Somehow, these morons from the Israeli lobby were able to take over all of the hotels in Montevideo and Buenos Aires, and they used those lies to organize this unprecedented boycott against me.” In response to charges of anti-Semitism, Waters has stated that his critiques are aimed at the Israeli government and that he has never harbored such thoughts. Nonetheless, several Argentine parliamentarians have voiced reservations over his remarks, particularly in relation to the Hamas assaults of October 7, among them Congresswoman Sabrina Ajmechet.

A passage from the joint statement they released said: “We oppose the visit of an anti-Semite who seeks to destroy the State of Israel to Argentina.” Ajmechet offered the following social media commentary on the situation: “You’re not welcome, Roger Waters. Get out.” In addition, Roger Waters faced criticism for supporting Ukraine in the conflict with Russia earlier in the year. A few months ago, the police looked into him after he appeared on stage in a Nazi-inspired outfit during one of his performances in Germany.

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