4 of Elton John’s Best Cameos in Film and Television

Celebrity cameos are sure to please the crowd. It’s exciting to spot a renowned or well-liked person in the crowd when you’re not expecting to. Throughout his career, Elton John has appeared in numerous cameos. Below are four of John’s biggest on-screen surprises, ranging from The Who’s rock opera to Disney’s The Country Bears.
1. Tommy
There are some well-known faces in The Who’s Tommy. The rock opera movie is based on the band’s eponymous album. John plays the part of the song “Pinball Wizard” and performs the song’s title song while playing a pinball machine with piano keys.

The Country Bears 2.
John appears in cameos in a variety of movie genres. Disney’s The Country Bears may be the source of his most shocking appearance. In the movie, the bear pack encounters John as he is working in the garden. The family-friendly comedy that Disney has mastered over the years is showcased in the scene that follows.

The Simpsons 3.
The Simpsons is one of the few shows that has perfected the celebrity cameo. John made a brief appearance in the popular animated comedy in 1999. In the episode, Homer Simpson locks him up in a cage because he thinks the musician is a part of a plot to kidnap his wife from Springfield. In addition to all the absurd activity, John performs a brand-new version of “Your Song” in his episode.

Kingman: The Golden Circle, No. 4
John makes one of his craziest cameos in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The sequel centers on a drug cartel led by Julianne Moore that kidnaps a famous musician and makes him comply with their demands. A battle sequence between John and a few of Moore’s lackeys occurs, and it is just ridiculous enough to be entertaining. Additionally, John experienced something of a full-circle event because Taron Egerton, who played the lead in Kinsgman, would later portray John in his biopic Rocketman.

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